Instincts, Constructs, and Everything in Between

I remember, back when I was a wee little youngin, morally raw and running purely on Instinct. Whenever someone was being bullied, I would run to the victim’s aid. When the rules of tag weren’t fair for everyone, I would argue to change them. When someone called me names, I called them names right back. When someone pushed me, trying to push my buttons, I stood my ground. I ran on instinct, wild, untapped, and all natural. I was a warrior for justice, a crusader for peace, and a belief in world peace. As I grown my instinct has been tempered, mostly for the best, but sometimes for the worst. I learned about the convoluted structure of social norms, the pathway of stability, and that all elders know best. I learned to think about others’ feelings first and to put my own on the back burner. I learned about this thing called intelligence, the idea that divides us all in some way. I began to mimic what I had been taught and a beacon of learned knowledge. Although I have learned many valuable things, I yearn to return to the mindset of my younger years, where I had a fiery personality. I want to stand up for what’s right again, no matter what. I want to believe in myself and my abilities again. Lastly, I want to rid myself from the label of a magnet student. Intelligence isn’t the end all be all, just as education isn’t the end all be all. I want to learn to balance my instincts, with my knowledge. Once I can effectively embrace creativity, passion,¬†empathy, and the “social norms” I will have lived a good life.

via Daily Prompt: Instinct


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