I’m free to be me. I’m free to do me. I’m free to believe in what I want to believe. I don’t have any assignments. I don’t have any work. There’s no more yelling, “Do this do that!”, “Meet me here!”, “This is the deadline!”, “Work harder!” No, that’s enough I’ve flipped the switch, at least for a little bit. I’m free, in another city, Immersed in another culture, in another world. The water is flowing around my body after a cannonball through the thick air of my daily life and its problems. I’m at the bottom of the pool, with no-one else. It’s just me, the space of no thoughts, and water, absolutely stress free. When I open my eyes, I can’t feel the burning from the chemicals because I’m feeling euphoric. I can see clearly, without worries. I can’t hear the rush of life around me. I’m ten feet deep with a mind that’s two minutes free. By the time I return to the top, those two minutes have done wonders for my soul. My soul has been renewed and my fervor to live life restored. When I’m immersed in the icy fresh pool, there are no worries, because I’m on vacation. Who knows, if I can take this pool home in a bottle, maybe life will become a staycation!

via Daily Prompt: Immerse


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