Instincts, Constructs, and Everything in Between

I remember, back when I was a wee little youngin, morally raw and running purely on Instinct. Whenever someone was being bullied, I would run to the victim’s aid. When the rules of tag weren’t fair for everyone, I would argue to change them. When someone called me names, I called them names right back. When someone pushed me, trying to push my buttons, I stood my ground. I ran on instinct, wild, untapped, and all natural. I was a warrior for justice, a crusader for peace, and a belief in world peace. As I grown my instinct has been tempered, mostly for the best, but sometimes for the worst. I learned about the convoluted structure of social norms, the pathway of stability, and that all elders know best. I learned to think about others’ feelings first and to put my own on the back burner. I learned about this thing called intelligence, the idea that divides us all in some way. I began to mimic what I had been taught and a beacon of learned knowledge. Although I have learned many valuable things, I yearn to return to the mindset of my younger years, where I had a fiery personality. I want to stand up for what’s right again, no matter what. I want to believe in myself and my abilities again. Lastly, I want to rid myself from the label of a magnet student. Intelligence isn’t the end all be all, just as education isn’t the end all be all. I want to learn to balance my instincts, with my knowledge. Once I can effectively embrace creativity, passion, empathy, and the “social norms” I will have lived a good life.

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I’m free to be me. I’m free to do me. I’m free to believe in what I want to believe. I don’t have any assignments. I don’t have any work. There’s no more yelling, “Do this do that!”, “Meet me here!”, “This is the deadline!”, “Work harder!” No, that’s enough I’ve flipped the switch, at least for a little bit. I’m free, in another city, Immersed in another culture, in another world. The water is flowing around my body after a cannonball through the thick air of my daily life and its problems. I’m at the bottom of the pool, with no-one else. It’s just me, the space of no thoughts, and water, absolutely stress free. When I open my eyes, I can’t feel the burning from the chemicals because I’m feeling euphoric. I can see clearly, without worries. I can’t hear the rush of life around me. I’m ten feet deep with a mind that’s two minutes free. By the time I return to the top, those two minutes have done wonders for my soul. My soul has been renewed and my fervor to live life restored. When I’m immersed in the icy fresh pool, there are no worries, because I’m on vacation. Who knows, if I can take this pool home in a bottle, maybe life will become a staycation!

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Ted Talk Thursday #1: The Power of Experiences

Welcome to Ted Talk Thursday! The first week of each month I will be highlighting a Ted Talk video and sharing my feelings, views, and any other thoughts. I love watching Ted Talk videos and usually watch the videos on my bus ride home everyday. I think the videos are great opportunities to expand my horizons and connect with others. By watching these videos I can become engrossed in a story without fear of awkward social interactions, as a stare at the speaker. Below is the video of Manwar Ali, highlighting his life as a former radical Jihadist:

I felt that this was the perfect Ted Talk video to start this new series off with. The speaker, Manwar Ali, has been on both sides of the spectrum of fighting for people. Just like most other people, he began life as an innocent child. Sadly, he was surrounded by death at a young age and felt that becoming a radical jihadist was the only way to stop mass suffering. His case displays the power of nurture, as well as the power of desperate situations inciting action.People with two opposing life experiences, to me, are very valuable and worth listening to. They are valuable, because experiences usually make people wiser. In fact, one experience that Ali talks about makes him question his violence. Without experience, people can only act on assumption and desire, a dangerous mix. We must realize that these people with experiences in life on different sides of any given spectrum, are capable of bringing people together. Ali’s story highlights the power of early childhood moments and keeping an open mind. Ali’s story highlights the importance of evaluating how well your actions reflect your beliefs. It is important to solidify your beliefs, wants, desires, and what have you to make sure your actions follow them. You must learn to let go of cruel and unjust behaviors, to approach the world with love, as Ali says.

“If you want peace, you don’t talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies”

-Desmond Tutu

The Comfort of an Unimpression

Never sure how my life will

End, or even how

Real conversations with real people will turnout. I’m Nervous because I feel a need to

Verify my own interests, dreams, and all

Other aspects of myself with others, or even leave an

Unimpression to protect myself. An impression that is,

Simply put, neither a good nor bad impression; completely forgettable.

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