The Rhythm of Life

Is it okay that I don’t like rhythm? I can’t stand it. That’s not to say I don’t get down and groovy to the Rhythmic rhyme or reason of any good song. I love the rhythm of “Down” by Marian Hill and “Work” by Rihanna. However, just as any song that was my favorite one day, fades to barely passionate the next day, one routine quickly fades to the next, which fades to another, and fades yet again. My life is full of sharp turns, not emotionally, physically, or even financially. No no no, my turns have everything to do with my heart. In fact it’s ironic, the thing that keeps my blood flowing with rhythmic pumping, allows me to succumb to erratic change of desire. At least I know that I want to be great. I want to help the world, but I just don’t know how yet. I have many of interests, yet because of my distaste for patterns, order, or rhythm, I have no hobbies. I think schedules and monotony are beyond boring. I think they hinder me from doing what I love. However, I’m at a crossroad, because I feel like all the greats of history work long and hard at a certain craft or idea, like a hobby, but they also had short, brilliant lives. I just hope I do not fall victim to the rhythmic lure of the schedule of everyday life, but I am afraid to walk away from its familiar comfort.

via Daily Prompt: Rhythmic

I Hope you Enjoyed! Please share your thoughts and feelings. Do you feel the same? Do you have hobbies or do you prefer to live life on the edge?


One thought on “The Rhythm of Life

  1. Hmm, then we are opposites 😀😀. I love rhythm, schedules and routines. I work best with them. If you want to throw me off balance, take a sharp or sudden turn, then I’ll spend half the time confused, slow and trying to work my head around it. I have hobbies and I tend to stick with them rather than start new ones. Good post. Thanks for sharing 💝

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