Overworked: Good or Bad?

Overworked, is it good or bad? It was just yesterday that I spent 5 hours playing video games. It was just last week that I slept for half of my Saturday. In fact, it was just a couple of months ago that I constantly had soccer practice. That’s a lot of time, yet when I do those activities I don’t feel overworked. I enjoy soccer, sleeping, and video games.

However, it was just today when I had “too many” tests. It was that Sunday after when I was cramming in all of my homework, and studying for all of my tests. Lastly, it was a couple of months ago that I had to study for exams. Now that’s a lot of work!

Overworked is a feeling that begets from a mindset of procrastination and overindulgence. Maybe if we change our mindset to effectively balance exertion and pleasure, we will stop being overworked. Maybe for a happy life we can work and play equally, as well as sleep longer. Overworked, just a mindset, can be easily changed to good, fun work.


via Daily Prompt: Overworked


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