Actors on a Stage of Beauty

Actors from all over the world, produce Graceful masterpieces of motion: running, passing, and shooting. The actors just need a stage, whether it’s a field, court, or rink. When these actors run, their entire body is in harmony. Each bone, each tendon, and each muscle is working together with their brain to reach breakneck speeds. They’re floating on air, legs moving a mile a minute, in spite of their bodies trying to hold them back. They break all laws of physics and defy logical thought. The way the actors move looks so graceful. It’s wonderful watching these actors working together, each controlling their ego expertly. They need to rid themselves of any selfish thought for the success of the whole group. They find seemingly obscure paths to their goal. Instead of going straight ahead, they realize their goal is easier to reach by passing the responsibility over to another person. Each actor has perfected their role to foster unbreakable trust. A pass behind the back, followed by a pass with the flick of the heel, and ending with the beauty of a perfect spiral. Straight lines have never been fascinating, but a smooth, curved stroke across a canvas makes for a graceful masterpiece. The way the responsibility is shared looks so graceful. After all of the beautiful passes, the responsibility ends up with someone who is always eager to show off on stage. This actor leads the group to their goal, adding a little flourish of their own, on the way. Maybe a shimmy here and a taunt there. Their feet, head, or hands move quickly and smoothly, to create mesmerizing movements. The moves and ability to finish look so graceful. Once the goal is reached the group of actors celebrate, each one knowing that they fulfilled their role to perfection. The entire process to work a group towards a goal is graceful. It’s hard not to be astonished watching athletes do the impossible with great care, grace, and tenacity in each masterful sports game.

via Photo Challenge: Graceful

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