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Thank you Rude Girl for the nomination of The Blogger Recognition Award! I love that you have liked my posts thus far and that you felt my writing was worth enough, in some way, to be recognized. It’s a big pat on the back and I  will use that as motivation to continue writing.

Everyone reading, please check out Rude Girl for music recommendations, the raw truth, beautiful thoughts, as well as feelings, and amazing writing, that you can read anytime. She has a very interesting life story that just needs to be read. You are missing out if you don’t check her blog out!

Also, I want to thank everyone who reads my blog. It is a playground for me to improve my writing and meet new people, so I glad you want to come along for the ride.

The Rules:

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I started blogging recently and it was while I was lying in bed. I couldn’t sleep and thought to myself, “How can I become a better writer, so I can finally write that book I’ve been wanting to write?” I quickly reached for my iPhone, and typed in, quite frantically, “How do I become a better writer?”. I read a couple of articles and they all said the same thing, write often. It seems pretty straight forward, but what do I write about and why would I want to do that? It seemed like pretty hard work, but I started writing then and there, at about 11 pm. I realized that I might as well start a blog, so that I could improve my writing while learning about others and making connections around the world.

Advice for new bloggers:

  1. Just start writing and post: I know it can be a pretty daunting task sharing your thoughts and ideas on the internet where anyone can see it, but that’s what makes blogging fun. There’s nothing bad that will happen if you start writing and post. You will find people like you, or that accept you and you’ll have fun. I’ve had so much fun since I’ve started blogging and feel really bad that I haven’t been able to keep it up like I would’ve liked to, but that goes to my second point.
  2. Write for you: Although you will find other people that you connect with, do not forget, once you’ve started writing and posting,  that’s it’s for you. blogging is your own personal domain, where you can share your thoughts and feelings. Even if you’ve posted before and want to make it a regular thing, don’t be afraid to miss some days. It happens and the important thing is that you write and post when you feel like it. Write and post when you are in the empire state of mind and soon you’ll find that you’ll keep writing just to stay in that empire state of mind.

I’d like to recognize the following:

Sorry that I don’t have more bloggers, but these are some great bloggers, that I’ve had the pleasure of finding. I’m glad I’ve found them because they are awesome. Like I said, I new to blogging, so I don’t really follow that many people at this moment.

Be excellent to each other. And… PARTY ON, DUDES!

-Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure


You are the Filter of Your Awesome Life

“You’ve got to go with what feels instinctive and true to your heart, and filter out all of the other stuff.”

-Alison Goldfrapp

Just like any filter, you should be able to differentiate between the desired and the undesired; letting the desired into your life and keeping the undesired out. Let the desired in to ensure you life is imbued with passion and awesomeness Keep the undesired out to keep your life void of fear and regret. Filter out your bad habits, that keep you from being who you want to be. Don’t succumb to procrastination or laziness, I mean unless you want to, lol. Just yesterday I spent 4 hours playing FiFA with some friends and I feel great today. If you improve yourself, you will have an easier time living your awesome life, the way you want it to be lived. Improvement is in the eye of the beholder. Filter out the bad people and others who don’t accept you for you. If you are ever afraid to tell a friend you like to do something, they probably aren’t the best friend for you. They will always be a burden on you and your awesome life. Filter out the boring, uninteresting activities, that have no place in your awesome life. If you don’t feel like doing something, don’t do it, as it will only detract from time of another activity that could, very well, be a life changer. Learn how to say “No” to most things, so you can focus on the important things.Filter out the sadness, that keeps you from enjoying the world around you. On the other hand, let happiness in, that one state of mind that helps you enjoy the simplicities, as well as the complexities of life. The empire state of mind, where no-one can hurt you. Let good, like-minded people in, as they will keep you on your desired path. You can talk to them about your ideas and will have no problems having fun with them. Let your hobbies in, as they will ensure your days are full of wonder and something good to look forward to. With hobbies come wonder, which may blossom into something others will want to see you do. It’s the one part of any day where you can be yourself with no worry or complications. Let your hobbies turn into wonder, which in turn becomes dreams.

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

– Colin Powell 

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Don’t be Afraid to Make a Change… Peacefully

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.

Yesterday was Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017. Donald Trump officially became the 45th president of the United States of America. Although I don’t like Mr. Trump, I still believe respect is essential. I also think it’s important to realize that there are those who do in fact like him. There’s no need to hate him, or his supporters. He followed the Democratic process and got elected. I think there isn’t enough respect in the world, and that’s what we need most. There isn’t enough leeway to be different. Even for those who argue for righteousness deflect differences in some way.Also, there isn’t enough communication in the world. We think we are communicating, but disagreements turn into arguments, which turn into fights, which get dangerous really quickly. Tempers flare up and next thing you know someone is hurt, emotionally or physically. We need to respect each other and everyone’s views on politics, unless there is harm done to anyone emotionally or physically. Obviously, rape should not be tolerated, the same way that racism should not be tolerated, and I’m not arguing for those things, or any harmful thing in between.

Despite my belief that there is a lack of respect and I’m scared, I’m also proud right now. I’m currently watching broadcasts of the Women’s March of 2017, and it makes me proud. I’m proud because people have gathered today, to peacefully speak their minds and demonstrate. I’m proud because there is no violence, no hate speech, and they aren’t fighting against Trump’s presidency, but disagreeing with his views and hateful rhetoric. I’m proud because they are voicing their opinions in a respectful manner, providing a platform for themselves to be heard. I’m also proud of some, I repeat some protests that occurred yesterday. Some protests yesterday were peaceful, with music, activities, and yet again, a stage to voice opinions. I’m even more proud to know that there are people out there that can hold a peaceful protest.

Awesome, Peaceful Women’s March (2017)
Awesome, Peaceful Women’s March (2017)

Among some of the peaceful protests yesterday, there were violent protests and I can’t stand that. Although they may have had a good message, there is no reason to resort to violence. When you resort to violence, a dangerous you vs. me mentality is created. All of a sudden there are opposing sides, people arguing, and nobody listening. Yesterday, there were people throwing bricks at cars, people burning trashcans as well as other objects in the street, and hate signs all over the place. One boy proudly told a reporter that he started the fire that they were around and proceeded to say, “Screw the president”, with a smile on his face. Through the protests against Trump there was no direct fighting against his hate speech, nor any voicing of opinions. From someone on the opposing side, the protesters had something against trash cans in D.C, or they were bad, violent people. That’s not the way to go and it pushes the person they want to get the attention of away. They wanted to create change, but now their “opposition” is unwilling, because they view them as lesser individuals. Individuals that are very different, and no-one wants to be associated with. In fact while people are claiming #lovetrumpshate, all I see is we hate Donald Trump. When I hear #lovetrumpshate, I think violence. When I hear #lovetrumpshate, I see chaos. When I hear #lovetrumpshate, I fear “love”. When I see “Make Racists Fear Again”, I’m fearful, yet in no way am I racist. All I see is others showcasing their own hate. I’m sure that they just want to end racism, but that’s not what they said. They said “Make Racists Fear Again” and that implies that they will harm any racists mentally, and/or physically, which makes the protesters seem like the bad guys.  We must be cognizant of the messages and ideas we spread.

Protestors throw rocks at police during a protest near the inauguration of President Donald Trump in Washington
Protestors throw rocks at police during a protest near the inauguration of President Donald Trump in Washington, DC, U.S., January 20, 2017. REUTERS/Bryan Woolston


We should be trying to identify the ways that all people are similar, while also realizing that everyone doesn’t think, or feel the same way about every topic. It’s inconceivable to think that everyone should feel the same way about most topics. We must foster discussion, because the main cause of trouble is fear. You don’t have to agree at the end of the discussion, but hopefully at the end of any given discussion, you have fostered respect for each others’ opinions, thoughts, and feelings. I’m confident that humans, as a whole can, achieve peace and prosperity, through mutual respect and enriching conversation.

“We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.

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Actors on a Stage of Beauty

Actors from all over the world, produce Graceful masterpieces of motion: running, passing, and shooting. The actors just need a stage, whether it’s a field, court, or rink. When these actors run, their entire body is in harmony. Each bone, each tendon, and each muscle is working together with their brain to reach breakneck speeds. They’re floating on air, legs moving a mile a minute, in spite of their bodies trying to hold them back. They break all laws of physics and defy logical thought. The way the actors move looks so graceful. It’s wonderful watching these actors working together, each controlling their ego expertly. They need to rid themselves of any selfish thought for the success of the whole group. They find seemingly obscure paths to their goal. Instead of going straight ahead, they realize their goal is easier to reach by passing the responsibility over to another person. Each actor has perfected their role to foster unbreakable trust. A pass behind the back, followed by a pass with the flick of the heel, and ending with the beauty of a perfect spiral. Straight lines have never been fascinating, but a smooth, curved stroke across a canvas makes for a graceful masterpiece. The way the responsibility is shared looks so graceful. After all of the beautiful passes, the responsibility ends up with someone who is always eager to show off on stage. This actor leads the group to their goal, adding a little flourish of their own, on the way. Maybe a shimmy here and a taunt there. Their feet, head, or hands move quickly and smoothly, to create mesmerizing movements. The moves and ability to finish look so graceful. Once the goal is reached the group of actors celebrate, each one knowing that they fulfilled their role to perfection. The entire process to work a group towards a goal is graceful. It’s hard not to be astonished watching athletes do the impossible with great care, grace, and tenacity in each masterful sports game.

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Hope you enjoyed! Bye Everyone and thank you to my followers!

Overworked: Good or Bad?

Overworked, is it good or bad? It was just yesterday that I spent 5 hours playing video games. It was just last week that I slept for half of my Saturday. In fact, it was just a couple of months ago that I constantly had soccer practice. That’s a lot of time, yet when I do those activities I don’t feel overworked. I enjoy soccer, sleeping, and video games.

However, it was just today when I had “too many” tests. It was that Sunday after when I was cramming in all of my homework, and studying for all of my tests. Lastly, it was a couple of months ago that I had to study for exams. Now that’s a lot of work!

Overworked is a feeling that begets from a mindset of procrastination and overindulgence. Maybe if we change our mindset to effectively balance exertion and pleasure, we will stop being overworked. Maybe for a happy life we can work and play equally, as well as sleep longer. Overworked, just a mindset, can be easily changed to good, fun work.


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Hate: The Big Bad Emotion

That moment when you feel your blood boiling, eyes twitching, and mind racing. It’s an inexplicable yet overwhelmingly strong feeling towards another person. My parents have always said don’t use the word hate, “It’s a strong word” and I assumed that they were protecting others from hurtful words. However, I recently found out that they were protecting me from the strong feeling of hate.
It’s okay not to like someone. I mean, it’s impossible to like everyone and for everyone to like you. If it were possible, everyone would be exactly the same, with the same values, aspirations, and experiences. I’ve always been one to refrain from talking about other people. It doesn’t feel good. Instead of embracing differences, people are pointing out differences and laughing at people. However, I didn’t feel bad when I hated someone, one person in particular. To be honest they made me so upset, because they would give people mean looks, talk about everyone, and shout-out nonsense all the time, yet everyone gravitated towards them. One day, while having a class discussion this person was acting how they normally act, rude beyond compare. I barely made it through class, because my blood was boiling, my eyes were twitching, and my mind was racing about things like, “Why don’t people call them out?”, “Why are they so rude?”, and finally “What can I do about IT?”. I stopped participating in class discussion.
The interesting thing about my hate is that I was acting irrationally. I labeled this person as the destructor of freedom. I labeled this person as the reason I was afraid to speak up. I labeled this person as an embodiment of everything bad in high school. Obviously, this is not a good mindset to have, and I was thinking, “How can I make people see how bad they are?”. Hopefully, you realize, as i’ve realized, I was outlining our differences and planning to expose why the other person’s differences are bad, through an all-out exposé of their character. Basically, I’d be gossiping, the exact thing I’m against. You see, this hate was close to pushing me to do things I wouldn’t want to do.
I still don’t like that person, but it’s fine because I respect our differences. As I stated earlier, it’s okay not to like everyone, but please don’t do something you’d regret, going against your values. Don’t hate, for your sake. Hate is a strong word and a strong feeling. I’ve realized that it’s such a strong thing because it is a melting pot of many emotions. When you hate someone, take a couple of minutes to outline why. Trust me, this is good. For example, the reasons I hated this person because:

  • They are too confident.
  • They are too rude.
  • They are too judgmental.
  • Everyone likes them.

Then, take a look at your list and take out anything that isn’t actually bad, or a trait you think you have as well. For example, it is good to be confident and I’d like if people liked me. Stop linking traits together, like I did. I thought people like them because they were rude and judgemental, but that’s not necessarily the case. I can’t make that judgement. Lastly, notice that most of the time the things that really are bad can’t be changed by you trying to hurt them. In fact, you might be doing the things you don’t like. For example, as stated above, I would be both rude and judgmental if I were to “expose” this person by gossiping. By going through this process I realized that the other person intimidated me and made me feel jealous. They had something I wanted, confidence. They voiced their opinions, although not always nice, and moved on with their day. I realized that IT, hate, broken down into jealousy and intimidation, needed work. What I did about IT was I took the focus off the other person and uses the situation to improve myself.
Don’t fall in to the trap of hate. Instead, embrace individualism, notice your own contradictions, and just keep swimming in your own lane.

Peace out dudes and dudettes!